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Senators Implicated in Slave Ring

YRACTOS, GYNDINE – Recently disclosed documents and testimony from a captured Thalassian slaver on Gyndine have implicated four Outer Rim Senators as profiting from slaving ventures in their sectors. Senator Tikkes (Mon Calamari), Senator Bufus Ritsomas (Till Chorios), Senator Danry Ledwellow (Er’kit) and Senator Wuja Wojaine (Pydyr) were all implicated.

“These four Senators were named by a known Thalassian slaver during plea bargain sessions prior to trial. Our investigations were able to corroborate these claims, uncovering a lucrative slaving ring that saw all four Senators receive kickback money in return for letting these activities go on in their sectors,” said Jurisconsult Temlet Dodann.

The four Senators were operating in isolation, Dodann explained, apparently unaware of each other’s involvement with the Thalassians.

The Outer Rim has a long history of slavery despite Republic efforts to outlaw the practice. Slavery has generally been attributed to organized criminal ventures or unscrupulous corporate bodies requiring affordable labor.

The diffuse Republic presence in the Outer Rim has fostered the growth of such organizations as the Zygerrians, the Thalassians and the Karazaks, slaving groups named for the star systems that harbor them. Their scope encompasses numerous sectors and their profits exceed billions of credits.

The Republic Judiciary and the Jedi Knights have tangled with these slavers in the rare instances that these groups attempt to operate closer to the Core. The Thalassian who implicated the Senators was arrested last month when she attempted to sell a dozen Twi’lek slaves on Gyndine.

“Few cultures have suffered as much from slavery as the Twi’leks, and to know that that kind of blood money has reached as far as the Senate sickens me. I say throw the leeches out of office, and then let them have a taste of the shackles themselves!” said an angry Orn Free Taa (Ryloth).

The four Senators have had their positions suspended pending trial. They will be detained in their respective embassies on Coruscant until arraignment hearings which are scheduled to begin next week.

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