Saturday, July 13, 2024

HSSKHOR, TRANDOSHA – The Kashyyyk / Trandoshan peace negotiations disintegrated today when word reached Wookiee delegates that a Trandoshan initiative for Senate representation was being aided by the Trade Federation. Full Story >>

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Shots Fired in Andoan Space

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Garbage Launcher Misfire Kills 48; Closes Desrini
The Desrini district is still closed following a catastrophic garbage launcher misfire. Full Story >>

Kashyyyk / Trandoshan Talks Break Down
The Kashyyyk / Trandoshan peace negotiations disintegrated today.
Full Story >>

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Lahara Sector Secedes
Isard Spearheads Republic Intelligence Reform
Sensor Technology Dispute Settled in Takeover
Nuna-Ball League Looks to Expand

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