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Senator Moe Killed in Blast

SENATE ROTUNDA, CORUSCANT – For the fifth time this sidereal, tragic events forced a session of the Galactic Congress to be suspended today when word reached Coruscant that Senator Aks Moe (Malastare) was killed in a suspected Separatist attack during a state visit to Aargau.

“This is truly horrific,” said acting representative Ask Aak at the close of the session today. “That this tragedy should occur so deep within our borders points to the irrevocable damage already sustained by the Republic. It is not only a tragic loss to Malastare and Kinyen, but also a dire warning to the Supreme Chancellor.”

Aargau, a key world of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, rests inside the Core World boundaries. Moe was to meet with Banking Clan representatives to discuss possible funding options for a proposed Republic military initiative.

Senator Moe was boarding his staff speeder for a visit to the Commodities Exchange Cathedral in New Escrow. At approximately 0824 standard time, the speeder merged onto the automated expressway and had its propulsion systems slaved into the city’s traffic network. At this time, its power plant overloaded and the speeder exploded.

Moe’s traveling companion and two Dug servants were also killed in the blast. Eighteen commuters were injured. IBC representatives have not yet announced the cost of the damages, nor the accumulated interest.

No party has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the bombing. Popular opinion points to the secessionist movement, as Moe was a member of the Loyalist Committee. The vocal Senator did also make a number of political and personal enemies throughout his career. Nine years ago, Moe was implicated in a conspiracy to disrupt the Lannik peace negotiations hosted by Malastere.

Some in the Malastarian government have been quick to criticize the lack of Jedi presence at Aargau. “Where are our vaunted guardians of peace and justice?” asked Representative Ainlee Teem. “Where was their all-powerful Force this time?”

Though no official word has come from the Jedi Temple, it has been previously reported that Aargau’s assigned Jedi watchman, Belsed-Qan Idan, was re-assigned to the Atrivis sector to quell a Separatist-funded pirate uprising.

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