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Proposed Galaxy Gladiator Federation Falling Apart

STRAKO, LOOVRIA – While officially banned by the Republic, spectator combat sports are so widespread and openly popular that gladiator promoter Mettez Roi has undertaken a high-profile effort to organize and coordinate these underground matches in the Galaxy Gladiator Federation.

Unexpectedly, Roi’s opposition has not come from the Senate, whose political distractions make recreational infractions — even blatant ones — seem like crawlfish. Instead, the vast array of seemingly inconsequential differences and variations in the galaxy’s existing pugilistic events threaten the upstart league.

“Weapons or no weapons? Sentients or non-sentients? Two combatants or sixteen? Do we allow droids? These are more than minor details,” said Coynite Tawws’Kroyn champion Gjo’Fomaan. “I’m willing to be flexible to gain legitimacy and critical audience across the galaxy… but not at the expense of the integrity of the sport.”

The inclusion of gladiator droids in the GGF would bring a host of renewable talent and possible sponsorship deals with manufacturers like Ulban Arms. However, organic fighters say the lack of self-preservation programming in such units flies in the face of the gladiatorial spirit.

On worlds where combat games arose from cultural tradition — like Rodia, Geonosis, and Jubilar — the prospect of mixing species or allowing off-worlders is being met with considerable resistance.

“For hundreds of years we have bred our Aaroun for warrior entertainment,” said Dahlomad Tkhii of the Viis Empire. “Ours is more than combat, it is graceful… beauty and brutality woven together. To introduce impure elements into choreography would be to demean the fates of our fair Aaroun.”

And there’s always the formality of legality. “I am appalled that the Senate is selectively ignoring its laws,” said Senator Han Olbeg (Pitann). “Mettez Roi has contributed to the election funds of nearly a hundred senators. A civilized man like Palpatine will not let this go unchecked for long.”

Despite the obstacles, Roi remains upbeat. “The GGF is the future of combat arena entertainment,” he beams. “The greatest monsters, the greatest killers, the greatest warriors, and the greatest bloodshed coming together to put a smile on your face(s).”

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