Nevarro Reptavians

Type: Airborne Carnivore
Planet of Origin: Nevarro


Hide 7D
Search 6D

Brawling 3D
Bite 3D+2

Special Abilities:
Poison: Nevarro Reptavians have a poisonous bite designed to allow them to escape danger. When bitten, the target must make a Difficult Stamina roll or suffer -1D to STRENGTH. One minute later, a second Difficult Stamina roll must be made or the target is paralyzed for 1D half hours, giving the Nevarro Reptavians time to escape.

Camouflage: Nevarro Reptavians blend in with their surroundings, granting a +2 bonus to hide in ashy, burnt or cluttered environments.

Fire/Blaster Energy Resistance: Nevarro Reptavians are highly resistant to fire and blaster energy, gaining +2D to resist these types of damage.

Nocturnal: Nevarro Reptavians hunt at night for their prey.

Move: 4, 10 (flying)
Size: 1 meter tall, 2.5 meters wingspan

Background: With a wingspan of several meters, Nevarro Reptavians hunted in flocks at night and were powerful enough to lift an entire blurrg and carry it away. Their skin was reptile-like, and they possessed very large claws capable of inflicting serious injuries. They had a very pointed snout with two brownish eyes on both sides of it. Their bites were extremely venomous, and the toxin spread fast through the bodies of their prey.

Several of them attacked Din Djarin and his party around 9 ABY. They wounded and poisoned Greef Karga, killed two of the blurrgs and captured the Trandoshan bounty hunter before one was killed and the others were driven off. While medpacs were ineffective to counter the venom, an infant known as Grogu used the Force to heal Greef’s wound, saving his life.

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