KOTOR Remake Announced

Hello friends and welcome to our September update.

Around the site we continue to make steady progress with our Clone Wars Source Guide. We are finishing up the fifth chronological episode S03E03 Supply Lines on September 25th and moving onto S01E01 Ambush. Eventually progress with increase faster as the series begins to repeat elements. The goal is to have a episode a week by November 1, 2021. With so little of the Clone Wars era documented it has made it a fun challenge to develop stats that match the characters, vehicles, and weapons you see on screen. Developing each Clone for example to properly show their skills and development is a labor of love. Thank you for everyone who has been emailing and tweeting your ideas and warm thanks for our work. This entire project is for those inspiring Game Masters to have a wealth of information to make your campaigns amazing. For those asking for PDF copies of the characters, ships, and equipment, that is coming summer 2022. I have in development PDFs files for everything. TV Series I’ll be doing Season 1 & 2 of the Mandalorian, Season 1 & 2 of The Bad Batch, and The Clone Wars Year One as free downloadable PDFs for your collection using the data we have already published on the site.

Additional Source Guides are also being updated. Time is a factor but I am putting together several more Source Guides in the background. The Force Powers Source Guide is slowly coming together. It will include everything a Game Master needs to know about various Force Powers and how they are implemented in the game. Some Force Powers abilities have been lost over the eons but I am including everything from The Old Republic 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin IV to the Rise of Skywalker. A lot of this builds on previous works I have done in the past and on older works in the community. You will see a lot of these force powers posted over the new three months and can be found in the Source Guide.

In Star Wars news, it was announced that Knights of the Old Republic is officially getting a remake. The 2003 game used the D20 style of RPG to figure out combat rolls and abilities. I fell in love with that game when it came out and had plans to develop the characters. I’ve already started building the Source Guide but it is more of a side project at the moment along with the other two games KOTOR II and SWTOR. You can find those guides on the Source Guide page and I’ll make an announcement when they are complete.

For those who have never played KOTOR, you are in for a treat. It is one of the best role playing video games to date. There are twists and turns abound and you have a serious threat of the Sith Lords to deal with. This is one of the most fun timelines in Star Wars and one I think every Game Master should dive into at least once.

That does it for this month! If you like what we are doing, let us know! May the Force be with You!


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