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Alderaan Opens to Refugee Relief Movement

Valorum Lends Hand

CHIANAR, ALDERAAN – Former Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum rolled up his shirt sleeves and grabbed a power-shovel, breaking soil and chipping in as the Refugee Relief Movement began transforming 100 hectares of donated Alderaanian plains into new homes.

“It’s the spirit of helping one another that has made this Republic great, and will see it through its darker hours,” said Valorum, who broke a sweat as he dug postholes for the pre-fab structure that would soon be installed.

Valorum was just one of the noteworthy names present. The cause attracted several Alderaanian celebrities, who worked side-by-side with refugees from Separatist worlds in building a new village.

Alderaan has recently opened up its borders, loosening its immigration laws to allow thousands of displaced citizenry to find a home. As more worlds secede, citizens who defy the will of their representatives and still wish to be part of the Republic are left with little alternative. Millions have arrived on Coruscant, creditless and with meager possessions.

“Coruscant’s getting even more crowded each day,” said Alderaanian RRM Chair Celly Organa, who was in charge of the day’s events. “There’s plenty of elbow room in the Republic, as long as worlds are willing to share.”

The first transport to Alderaan brought 500 new settlers, who helped in erecting pre-fab constructs in the Alderaanian grasslands. Many were visibly moved by the cooperation of so many to aid them.

“This is amazing,” said Sandi Maba, an Aqualish mother of two, left homeless since Ando seceded. “There’s so much open space. We were staying in a cubicle apartment with another family on Coruscant. This, this is so different and perfect. I’m never going to move from Alderaan. This is now my new home.”

Despite the feeling of rejuvenation shared by many, there were still those who scanned the skies, looking to their home sectors, hoping to return. “What everyone’s doing here is just fantastic,” said Orogor Binn, another Aqualish expatriate.”I can’t tell you how appreciative our family is. But as beautiful as it is here, it’s not home, and I hope that I can return to the seas of Ando someday and find the rest of my family.”

The Refugee Relief Movement is now looking to the Mid Rim to help with the ever-growing number of expatriates.

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