Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Biscuit Baron to Celebrate “Heroes of the Republic”

COLONIES NODE – As further support from the House of Tagge to the Republic’s unity efforts, Biscuit Baron, the Tagge Company’s largest chain of quick service restaurants, is launching its “Heroes of the Republic” campaign next week. “The goal is to educate young people, all people really, about the heroes and history of the last thousand years,” said Biscuit Baron CEO Roridan Temquill. “It’s a celebration of everything the Republic is and can be.” To that end, Biscuit Baron will be including a series of commemorative holocubes in all ultra-sized QuickSnack and QuickSnackLite biscuit bundles and breakfast batches. The holocubes will identify notable historical figures, including Supreme Chancellors Anwis Eddicus and Vaila Pecivas, and Jedi Masters S’diawae, Ikrit and Jojighar. The campaign will be region-oriented and run a full month.

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