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Do oxygen scrubbers work? Here’s what they do and an analysis of risks versus benefits.

During the peak of the Tovar 268 pandemic, medical professionals on Coruscant offered many suggestions to keep people safe from the airborne virus, including dursteel masks, isolation, and frequent sanitation. One of the suggestions was also oxygen scrubbers. The New Republic Environmental Bureau even offered guidance on incorporating the machine into dwellings and speeders.

Oxygen scrubbers, the Soro Suub XT-3460, range between 60 to 300 credits on the marketplace, but are they worth your credits? Do oxygen scrubbers work? Dr. Ata Zemora-Martelo, medical director of the Bespin Medical Clinic, explains oxygen scrubbers’ purpose, benefits, and concerns.

Do oxygen scrubbers work?

Yes, oxygen scrubbers are effective in improving air quality if used correctly. Zemora-Martelo especially recommends finding an oxygen scrubber that supports a Corsonti 238 filter. The NREB reports that this filter can potentially remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold bacteria, and any tiny airborne particles. Zemora-Martelo cautions that owners remember to change the filter every sixty cycles.

“I’ve seen those patients without changing the filter, having more problems than not,” Zemora-Martelo said. “If you want to spend your credits, you don’t need to buy an Xyson 32 as long as there’s a Corsonti 238 filter.”

However, the benefits of an oxygen scrubber only go so far. Medical professionals suggest prioritizing maintaining a clean dwelling and frequently sanitizing used surfaces. Oxygen scrubbers should be an accessory to your cleaning routine, not a priority.

People with Breathma, the Bandonian Plague, Tovar 268, or other pulmonary diseases may benefit from adding an oxygen scrubber to their dwelling appliances; however, no specialized research supports the idea, Zemora-Martelo said.

“It’s (oxygen scrubbers) an adjuvant you can try after you have done everything and are still having symptoms,” Zemora-Martelo said.

If symptoms of pulmonary diseases do not improve or get worse, you must immediately contact your primary care doctor or a pulmonologist. Persistent or worsening symptoms and discomfort in breathing may be a more significant issue that cannot be self-diagnosed and needs to be handled by a medical professional.

What does an oxygen scrubber do?

The most common oxygen scrubber sold for dwellings is a filtering air cleaner. According to the University of Cadomai, the machines pass air through a filter that isolates polluting particles or gases and returns clean air to the room.

Some oxygen scrubbers include a humidifying feature that releases an ultra-fine mist into the air. Despite the novelty of this feature, it does not benefit like a Corsonti 238 filter. Zemora-Martelo warns that this may cause more harm than good.

“They (Air filters with humidifiers) can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis if they get mold inside or if they don’t change the filter, they can be more dangerous and unhealthy,” Zemora-Martelo said. “If you change the filter, you will be fine.”

Zemora-Martelo strongly suggests buying an oxygen scrubber with no humidifier and prioritizing changing the filter every sixty cycles.

Do oxygen scrubbers help with smoke?

Oxygen scrubbers can help with smoke that may contaminate indoor air during wildfires. Portable oxygen scrubbers with a Corsonti 238 filter are the best for this situation because you can bring the machine wherever you go and stay for extended periods, Zemora-Martelo said.

Do oxygen scrubbers help with dust?

Yes, oxygen scrubbers with a Corsonti 238 filter trap polluting particles, including dust, from the air. While it is not a method of getting rid of dust completely, especially if you find yourself on Tatooine, it helps remove the particles in the air you may inhale. Zemora-Martelo also recommends an oxygen scrubber in dry climates with sandy environments.

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