Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Cease & Desist turns into Seek & Destroy

SHAMD CITY, KIRIMA – Repeated Cease & Desist orders issued by the Commerce Guild against the Kalinda system’s Vespula Manufacturing & Exports company turned to Seek & Destroy missions carried out by a skilled team of bounty hunters. Vespula, a 12-year old company, was in violation of several patent and copyright laws when it began unlicensed replication of carbonite-boron mid-gauge mining bits. Despite three months of repeated warnings, the company continued its illegal trade. The Commerce Guild responded by hiring bounty hunters from the House Salaktori guild, who destroyed the Vespula office complex and torched the west island-based manufacturing plants. At least 12 Vespula workers were killed. The Kalindan Royal Constabulary is investigating to make sure the hunters acted within the boundaries of their operating licenses.

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