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Rodian Senator Uncovers Loyalist-Separatist Ties

SENATE ROTUNDA, CORUSCANT – Senator Onaconda Farr (Rodia) stunned many yesterday with his accusations of Separatist conspiracy within the highest echelons of the Senate, but today’s announcement from the SBI upheld Farr’s assertion that Loyalist Committee member Havriso Looruya was funding secessionist activity.

“Upon examining the data provided by Senator Farr, we have found evidence of Senator Looruya transferring large sums of credits to Separatist territories on Ando, Sy Myrth and Sluis Van. He has not yet offered an explanation for the transactions,” said SBI officer Nels Bulson.

Senator Havriso Looruya (Yir Tangee) and his legal consul has refused comment, and Looruya has spent the day sequestered at the Yir Tangee embassy. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has not issued a statement, but is expected to address the serious implications to the security of his Loyalist Committee in tomorrow’s Senate session.

Farr’s seemingly outlandish claims were voiced to the Senate in an unorthodox manner. During the tabling of an unrelated bond issue, Farr took the stand, and would not relinquish despite the protests of Senate Speaker Mas Amedda.

“I have here in my datapad a list of 245 Senators and Judicials with known and proven ties to Separatists and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the Republic,” said Farr. “I have pierced Palpatine’s curtain of secrecy and have even found a Separatist among his most trusted Loyalists.”

The Senate erupted into cries of protest but Farr refused to give up the floor until he had an audience with the SBI. “The SBI is supposed to be an organ of the Senate body, but it appears to be just a tool of the Loyalist Committee,” said the Senator. “This is the only way to get the attention of justice, it would seem.”

A vindicated Farr would not reveal the source of his information, though he now congratulates the SBI on their follow-up investigations. “Perhaps our Supreme Chancellor had a lapse of judgment in picking those closest to the heart of the Republic’s affairs. I would propose that the Loyalist Committee would benefit from Rodian vigilance among its ranks.”

The SBI has refused comment on the veracity of Farr’s claims of “245” Republic officials suspected of Separatist leanings, noting only that it had Farr’s list and will continue its investigations.

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