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Balmorran Secures Musician Rearmament Contract

SOBRIK, BALMORRA – As the song says, “Love is no match for a blaster at your side.”

“Our current armory no longer meets the demands of our song writers and performers in their quest to entertain the galaxy,” said Koner Blihrad, Leader of the Melody Fellowship. “We are pleased to partner with Balmorran Arms to equip our security and defense regiments, while significantly enhancing our automata arsenal.”

“In addition to standard administrative defense and intellectual property enforcement needs, the Melody Fellowship’s prime assets are typically scattered over the galaxy providing performance services,” said Balmorran Arms’ Technology Lead Hoipa Vonill. “We developed the new RO-D series droid specifically for tours.”

Each RO-D is equipped with an array of short-range sensors, lethal and non-lethal armaments and dedicated life-protection programming. In addition, the series has been designed specifically for the movement of heavy instruments and sound-magnification equipment. Also included are pitch-frequency analysis and rhythmic persistence functions. Most importantly, the droids’ external coverings will be available in 70 different color schemes to match virtually any stage setup.

The move reinforces speculation that the Melody Fellowship will seek retribution from RetSpan Audionics, makers of the TribBot mimic series that generates musical simulations based on the voice patterns of the Fellowship’s most popular artists. The last two Gaeriel Capens aud-stream hits, The Sequential Passage of Chronological Intervals and a remix of Dembaline’s classic Shwock Dubllon, are actually TribBot output.

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