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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E06 – “Squadron” / “Forest Defenders”

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Flying the Firehawk

On Tenoo, Nash Durango gives a ride to Jedi Initiates Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs aboard the Crimson Firehawk. Durango shows them the “Throttle Buster” and takes the Firehawk on a flight around a giant Tenoo tree. She then dives into the ship after reaching the top of the tree. While Nubs looks away in fear, Solay enjoys the ride and compliments Durango. Brightstar asks Durango if he can fly the Firehawk, but she initially refuses, thinking he is not ready. However, she eventually agrees and lets him take control of the ship. RJ-83 is worried and shakes his head.

Despite Durango’s warning to be careful, Brightstar takes the ship on a dive into a nearby river. After flying at low levels above the river for some time, Durango compliments his piloting skills. Brightstar admits to having taken some beginner lessons and takes the ship up. However, he gets distracted and flies too close to a Tenoo tree, scraping the port side of the ship’s wing. Brightstar then accelerates the ship towards the Jedi Temple’s landing field, causing Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna’s cape to blow over her.

Brightstar gives the ship a rough landing, but Durango assures him that the Firehawk is tougher than it looks. When she touches the console, metal can be heard rumbling. After disembarking, Brightstar apologizes to Master Zia for his rough landing. Zanna reassures him that she has seen worse landings and reminds him of an upcoming flying lesson the next day. Solay teases Brightstar, saying that he could use another lesson.

Visiting Zepher

While the three Jedi younglings are laughing, Zanna tells them that they will need starships to fly and that she is sending them with Durango to pick them up from her friend Zepher, who runs a starship workshop on one of Tenoo’s moons. Durango recalls that Zepher is a friend of her mother. Durango finds a damaged thruster on one of the wings. Zia tells the younglings to fly their ships back to the Temple. While Brightstar is eager to learn, he is inexperienced. Brightstar promises to bring the ships back without a scratch. As the Firehawk’s engine sputters, Durango asks for help. Solay says they will leave for the mission right after they help Nash.

Later, Durango takes the younglings on the Firehawk toward the two moons of Tenoo. She says that Zepher resides on the big one with rings around it. While gazing out at the asteroid field, Brightstar says that it will be a fun place to fly a starship. He is alarmed by a space creature, which Durango explains is a slug. Solay says it is amazing, while Nubs mouths something in Poobian.

The Firehawk lands inside an underground circular landing field. After landing, they are greeted by the Mon Calamari Zepher, who hugs Durango and remarks that she has grown. He also greets RJ-83. Durango introduces her three Jedi friends, telling them Zepher taught her moms about starship engines. Zepher, familiar with Master Zanna, has been expecting the three younglings and shows them the way to their ships.

The Jedi Vectors

The three starships in question are Jedi Vectors, which excite the younglings. However, Zepher explains that he has modified the starships for younglings, and it will take some time for them to get used to them. Brightstar is excited about it, but Zepher wants the younglings to prove that they can use the ships safely before he lets them fly the Vectors back to the Temple. Solay asks if it will be a test flight, and Zepher confirms. He then assigns Durango to lead the three younglings on a test flight.

Durango asks the younglings a riddle about a wipplebog snorting when it sleeps. The younglings are puzzled until Durango says the answer is yes. Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs climb into their Vectors and power up their starships. Durango takes the lead aboard the Firehawk and tells them they will do some fancy flying. She instructs them to follow her as they fly over the rugged mountains of Tenoo’s big moon.

Test flight

Nubs fiddles with the controls of his seat and accelerator while Durango and the younglings navigate their ships through a series of large rocky rings. Solay gets distracted by a flock of Karnis birds and almost collides with another Vector, but Durango reminds her to keep her focus. Impressed by Brightstar’s piloting skills, Durango prepares to take the younglings on the second part of their test flight.

However, just as they are about to set off, Brightstar gets distracted and decides to fly into the asteroid ring. The others follow suit, with Solay expressing concern when they can’t find Brightstar. Eventually, they catch up with him, and he explains that he got distracted by the asteroids. Durango thinks the asteroid belt would be the perfect place to test their skills if they stay together.

Brightstar takes the lead and decides to attempt a Throttle Buster on a large asteroid. Durango warns him against it, but Brightstar is determined. Unfortunately, he pulls the throttle too soon and scratches the ship on the asteroid’s surface. Although he manages to regain control, the commotion attracts a space slug living on the asteroid. Brightstar decides to abandon the maneuver and rejoins the others.

Durango reassures him that the Zepher will be able to fix the scratches.

Escaping the space slug

A space slug is chasing four younglings aboard their starships. While Brightstar manages to escape, the slug swallows Durango and the others. Luckily, the children are now safe from the slug’s digestive system. Speaking over the comlink, Brightstar apologizes for taking risks with the Throttle Buster. However, Durango has an idea and tells Brightstar that he will have to listen to her and follow her directions. Brightstar agrees and asks for the plan.

While the space slug rests in the asteroid, Durango shares her plan with Brightstar. She wants him to use the Throttle Buster to get the slug to chase him so that she and the Jedi can escape when the beast opens its mouth while pursuing Brightstar. Kai is nervous, but Durango tells him that she believes in him. Solay says they will blast out as soon as he makes the slug open its mouth. Nubs agrees.

After praying to the Force, Brightstar baits the space slug into a chase. As Brightstar prepares to perform the Throttle Buster, the others fire up their starships’ engines. Durango is pleased that Brightstar is following her instructions. Brightstar fires up the throttle, putting him out of harm’s way. Durango and the others jet out of the space slug’s mouth. Following their escape, Durango tells Brightstar that she knew he was ready. Before returning to the Temple, they fly back to Zepher’s depot to repair Brightstar’s ship.

Lesson learned

At the depot, Brightstar apologized for not following Durango’s instructions. Zepher reassured Brightstar that the ships they were flying were just for training and were expected to get damaged. Zepher offered his help to repair them. Based on Durango’s feedback, Zepher believed that the younglings were ready to fly them back to the Temple. After their adventures with the space slug, Durango thought flying home would be easy. Zepher also offered to repair their ships in the future.

The younglings returned to the Jedi Temple with their Jedi Vectors. Master Zanna was impressed with Zepher’s handiwork. Durango informed Zanna that the younglings were ready for tomorrow’s flight lesson. Zanna invited them for a practice flight before tomorrow’s lesson. Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs expressed their eagerness. When Durango asked who wanted to try the Throttle Buster, Brightstar declined the offer.

“Forest Defenders”

Trip to Federian

Kai Brightstar defeats Nubs in a holographic racing game while they travel aboard the Crimson Firehawk. Lys Solay informs them that they will soon be approaching the planet Federian, where she hopes to visit the Federian trees. When Nubs comments in Poobian about the trees’ strength, Solay confirms that their wood is among the strongest in the galaxy. She is excited to see the trees and the wildlife.

Brightstar mentions that Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna sent them to learn about the Federian trees, but Solay and Nubs already know them significantly. When Brightstar asks what else they could learn, Solay responds that traveling to new places always brings new knowledge. In the cockpit, Nash Durango alerts the Jedi Initiates that they are about to arrive in Federian’s forest, but there seems to be a problem. RJ-83 also expresses concern.

Trouble and friends

After landing, the younglings discovered that the forest had been chopped down, which disturbed Nubs. Solay inspected a stem and found traces of sawdust, indicating that the trees were being cut down. Brightstar asked who would do such a thing. While exploring the area, Solay encountered a sad and upset rodent skriffle who led the younglings to a tight cave. Durango assigned RJ-83 to guard the Firehawk while she followed the others.

On the other side of the cave, the skriffle showed the younglings a section of uncut Federian forest, and they followed him to the tallest tree in the forest. The skriffle called out to its young, who came down from the tree. One of the youngest skriffles glided down a branch, which Brightstar found cute, but Durango noticed they looked sad. As the skriffles whimpered, Solay explained that they normally lived in trees all over the Federian forest, but they fled to the tallest tree after their forest was cut down.

While striking a skriffle, Solay and Brightstar promised to find whoever was responsible for cutting down the trees, which were the skriffles’ home.

Confronting Raxlo

Nubs discovers some tracks, which Brightstar concludes were made by the vehicle that chopped down the forest. The younglings follow the tracks and find a gigantic harvester. The skriffle is frightened, but Solay calms it down. After finding sawdust, Brightstar determines that the harvester cut down the trees. He decides to confront the owner and knocks on the door. A floating green droid named RC-99 greets him and asks him to state his business.

Brightstar asks to speak to the vehicle owner while Solay protests that they should not cut down trees. Nubs also joined in the protest. RC-99 tells them that Raxlo has no time for them. When Brightstar asks who Raxlo is, the droid sighs and explains that Raxlo owns the vehicle. RC-99 introduces himself and says that Raxlo of the Raxlo Corporation is too busy for visitors. Raxlo closes the door and returns inside. Solay is determined to get inside, and Durango agrees, telling them she has an idea.

The younglings send RJ-83 to meet RC-99. RJ-83 manages to lure RC-99 away by telling him a story. While RC-99 is preoccupied, the four sneak inside the harvester and see a mechanical arm processing logs. Nubs trips and hits his head on a bin, which alerts RC-99. RC-99 chases them, and the younglings flee deeper into the harvester. They reach the control room, where Raxlo, a male Gozzo, greets them.

Brightstar tells Raxlo that they want to talk. Raxlo claims that he is too busy. Brightstar asks Raxlo if his harvester cut down the Federian trees, to which Raxlo confirms it was the case. Nubs protests, but Raxlo does not understand Poobian. The skriffle speaks, startling Raxlo. Brightstar explains that the Federian trees are their homes and that they will have nowhere to live if he keeps cutting them down. Solay agrees with Brightstar. Raxlo is unconcerned and offers to show them something special about the Federian trees. An alarmed RC-99 greets Raxlo but assures them he is handling it.

Raxlo tells the younglings that the Federian trees are prized for their durable wood used in making buildings. He hopes to cut them down and sell them for lots of money. The younglings are visibly angry at his greed. Raxlo tells them that his machine overheated before he could cut down the largest Federian tree, which he regards as valuable. Brightstar asks if he will stop now that he knows the trees are home to animals. Raxlo is unmoved, says his harvester has cooled down, and is ready to resume cutting. Incensed at Jedi interference, Raxlo uses a grappling arm to tie up the four young kings and throw them out of the harvester.

Defending the forest

The harvester, controlled by Raxlo, uses its large mechanical saws to cut through a rocky barrier and advance on the rest of the forest. Brightstar and Durango want to stop Raxlo, but they are tied up. Their friend, a skriffle, breaks free and convinces her friends to free the younglings. Solay thanks the skriffles for their help. Brightstar suggests they must get ahead of Raxlo to stop him, and Durango suggests using the Firehawk.

While Raxlo’s harvester begins plowing through the forest, the younglings first use the Firehawk to reach the giant Federian tree. Brightstar briefs the others about his plan. He assigns Nubs to find a large boulder, which he pushes up with the help of the skriffles. Nubs and Solay wait atop a hill with the boulder while RJ-83, Brightstar, and Durango block the path of Raxlo’s harvester. Brightstar and Durango demand that Raxlo turn around and leave the forest alone, warning him that this is his last chance.

When Raxlo rejects their request, Nubs and the skriffles push down the boulder, which rolls down the hill and stops just in front of the harvester. Raxlo laughs at the obstacle and uses his harvester’s circular blades to demolish the rock. At Brightstar’s signal, Solay and the skriffles swing down in lassos and tie their ropes around the harvester’s arms. Together, they attempt to disable and break off the harvester’s arms. However, the Jedi use their combined Force powers to rip off the harvester’s twin blades and arms. While the Jedi celebrate, Raxlo is furious. Conceding defeat, he vows not to return to Federian. Raxlo and RC-99 depart in the harvester, which detaches from its tracks and arms.

Justice and restoration

After Raxlo’s defeat, Brightstar and his friends discussed with Master Zia. They learned that a forest is not just a collection of trees but a home to various creatures. Zanna praised them for protecting the forest and the skriffles’ homes and assured them that the Jedi Order would help replant the trees that had been chopped down. Solay promised her skriffle friend that the Jedi would assist them in rebuilding their homes. They spent some time with the skriffles.



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