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Species: Wyrm
Type: Colossal Ice Predator
Planet of Origin: Barton-4


Hide: 7D

Special Abilities:
Armor:  Wyrm’s had thick scales that provides it with a +2D bonus to Strength rolls made to resist damage.

Bite: A bite from a Wyrm inflicts Strength+2D+1 (Walker-scale) damage.

Camouflage: When hiding in the ice of Barton-4, the Wyrm receives a +6D bonus to Hide skill rolls.

Swallow Whole: A Wyrm can swallow an ordinary sized opponent whole. If it makes a successful Melee attack, it can then make an opposed Strength Test to swallow the target entirely. If the victim can successfully wound the Wyrm while being swallowed they are ejected immediately.

Walker Scale: Due to it’s massive size the Wyrm is considered Walker scale, making it easier to hit, but more resistant to damage.

Game Note: Wyrms are blind and track their prey by sound, but will flee from high pitched noises.

Move: 14, 20 (burrowing ice)
Size: 120 meters long

Scale: Walker

Background: Wyrm’s of Barton-4 were colossal Ice predators that tunneled under the ice to stalk it’s prey. In 18 BBY a Wyrm attacked Hunter and Crosshair while they were on the ice surface near the abandoned Imperial Outpost.

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