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Species: Vixus
Planet of Origin:


Special Abilities:
Tentacles: have a Strength of 5D, reach up to seven meters beyond it’s maw; victims must make a successful opposed Strength roll to escape.
Bite: 5D damage.
Claw Tongue: STR+1D damage
Move: 0
Size: 7 meter radius

Background: A stationary, non-sentient creature that originated from Umbara. The vixus had tentacles that looked like harmless vines that it would use to ensnare victims and draw them into its toothy mouth, which had a long grasping tongue shaped like a three-pronged claw.

Several vixus creatures were encountered by the 501st Legion during the Battle of Umbara. One unfortunate clone trooper was devoured by a vixus, but the creature was killed when it attempted to do the same to CT-5555 “Fives,” who dropped a thermal detonator into its open mouth, blowing it up from the inside.

When chasing the rogue Jedi Master Pong Krell, the clones suffered heavy losses as they pursued him into the jungle. Clone trooper CT-5385 “Tup” made a plan to lured Krell towards a vixus, and the clones managed to lure Krell into the clutches of another vixus which attempted to eat him. It had its tongue and several tentacles severed by the Jedi, which later had it killed and who was immediately afterwards stunned by Tup, allowing the clones to capture him.

They shared a common ancestor with the rathtar, blixus, and sarlacc, all possessing a large maw, tentacles, and a voracious appetite. Each found on different worlds, the different species had adapted differently to become a great hunter in its specific environment.

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