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All Terrain Anti-Aircraft (AT-AA)

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Craft: Rothana Heavy Engineering All Terrain Anti-Aircraft Platform
Type: Heavy artillery platform
Scale: Walker
Length: 18 meters
Skill: Walker operations: AT-AA
Crew: 3 (pilot, gunner, commander)
Crew Skill: Missile weapons 3D+1, walker operation 3D
Cargo Capacity: 250 kilograms
Cover: Full
Cost: Not available for sale
Maneuverability: 0D
Move: 21; 60 kmh
Body Strength: 4D+1
Twin Light Flak Canon (fire-linked)
Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: 1
Skill: Missile weapons
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 50-500/1.5/3 Km
Blast Radius: 20 meters
Damage: 7D
Light Missile Launcher (36 missiles)
Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: 1
Skill: Missile weapons
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 50-200/500/1 Km
Damage: 7D
Game Notes: Electronic Countermeasures: Missile or torpedo attack rolls against the AT-AA suffer a -2D penalty.

Background: The All Terrain Anti-Aircraft (AT-AA) was a quick-moving, quadrupedal, mobile anti-aircraft walker used by the Galactic Empire.

The AT-AA had four stubby legs and lizard-like locomotion, along with a low profile not seen in other Imperial walkers. On most models, the only weapon was a turreted flak pod, capable of firing several types of ordnance. Other versions could be equipped with one or three rocket-launching tubes. Initially the AT-AA had an inability to fire at ground targets. This was partially rectified with the addition of gun ports to allow the crew to fend off infantry attacks.

Some variation had flak pods replaced with concussion missile launchers. The AT-AA also carried electronic countermeasure systems that could scramble missile guidance systems, thus lowering the risk of missile strikes.

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