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The Clone Wars Chapter 15

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The episode begins with Captain Typho protesting against Yoda’s plea to save the Jedi on Ilum, saying it will interfere with the mission they are currently on. Yoda then uses a mind trick on Typho, manipulating him to say it will be a slight detour and that it will not jeopardize the mission. None of the others (C-3PO and R2-D2) realize what is happening, except Padmé Amidala. Amidala then tells Yoda that she will no longer need any of her captain’s further ‘persuasion’, and proceeds to order the Naboo Yacht to Ilum. However, C-3PO still objects, saying that since Ilum is on the other side of the system, it will not be the slight detour that Yoda claims it to be, but he has no choice.

Once there, Yoda orders Amidala to stay safe, calming her down by saying he will call her if he needs assistance, and then heads out to the lightsaber crystal caves. He fights several chameleon droids, but manages to finally reach the two Jedi Knights inside.


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