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Force Pike

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Model: SoroSuub Controller Force Pike
Type: Personal Force Pike
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee Combat: Force Pike
Cost: 500
Availability: 2, R
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: STR+2D or 3D stun
Game Notes: Magnetic clamp attachment can be used to suspend targets in the air.

Background: The force pike is a powerful weapon that functions like a staff and boasts a vibrating head that can slice through durasteel with ease. It also features a stun setting that can inflict intense pain. Notably, the Royal Guard under the service of Galactic Emperor Palpatine and the droid guards of Senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis both wield these weapons. Additionally, force pikes can be equipped with magnetic clamps to suspend targets in mid-air, limiting their mobility. One group of red guards used this feature to subdue Ezra Bridger, but he was ultimately able to break free. There is also a lighter and longer version of the weapon known as the vibro-lance, which serves as a spear. Senator Ransolm Casterfo even used a force pike to emerge victorious against an Amaxine warrior and gain the favor of Arliz Hadrassian.

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