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The Bad Batch Official Trailer

The Official Trailer for The Bad Batch has been released and here are a few stray observations I had.

The Bad Batch Poster
  • The First Episode is 70 minutes in length, hopefully that isn’t 20 minutes of credits. Looking at you D+!
  • The description calls the young clone “Omega”. This implies we might be looking at the last of the clones.
  • Rex is back! I think part of the Omega story will be Rex taking him to live with Cut. We will see.
  • V-Wings!!
  • A real lack of Crosshair in the trailer. I suspect he is the new Commander.
  • Phase II Dark Troopers in the Citadel Challenge?
  • Saw Garerra is back!
  • Fennec makes for a good tie into The Mandalorian, HYPED!!
  • “The Clone Wars have ended, you can either adapt and survive, or die with the past.”

Trailer Breakdown

Opening shot is on Kamino where barriers have been set up.

Clone Force 99 look to be taking on the Citadel Course.

It’s only been a few months since we last saw Tarkin but it appears he has aged.

Updated droids in the course, almost look like the exosuit of the Phase II Dark Troopers.

V-Wings flying past!

Hunter on a swoop chasing down Fennec on what appears to be Coruscant.

Clone Force 99 taking out some B1 Battle Droids.

Tech uses his demolitions skills blowing something up.

Omega, possibly the last of the clones based on the name. Still looks like Jango Fett but with blonde hair. Could the cloners be changing the DNA?

Tarkin arrives by shuttle.

With Coruscant Clone Guards he states that Clone Force 99 must be eliminated. I believe this is because they took Omega and didn’t follow Order 66.


Clone Force 99 having a run in with the local wildlife on a scrapyard planet.

Clone Force 99 and Omega. Where is Crosshair? Some believe he becomes the new Clone Commander.

Hunter asks Omega to come with the team to escape.

Omega talking to a Coruscant Guard? Is this a diversion or is he going to be spying on the team?

Escaping a planet, this is not Kamino.

Captain Rex leads Clone Force 99 and Omega through a scrap yard.

Omega using a energy bow that looks similar to the one used by the Nightsisters.

Saw Garerra with Clone Force 99 as they appear to be working with his rebel group.

Again we see Hunter in the Coruscant chase, Omega appears to be hanging off the rear of the airspeeder.

Hunter gets Omega and tosses a mag grenade onto Fennec’s airspeeder. She escapes by landing on a airtaxi.

Close up of Saw.

Security droids being eliminated by Clone Force 99.

The slavers of Zygerria appear to be attacking Clone Force 99 on the scrapyard planet.

The Bad Batch begins Tuesday May 4th (Star Wars Day) with another episode that Friday.

The Bad Batch Cast!

I’ll be doing a weekly blog on each episode of The Bad Batch and update templates as the show continues. Looking forward to May 4th! May The Force Be With You!


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