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It’s November and we are just a little over a month away from The Book of Boba Fett! Not only that, but last week we got our first look at the series.

As always with the new series I’ll put together a weekly Source Guide for each episode showcasing all the characters, equipment, planets, etc that we see. From what I saw in the trailer we will get to see some new areas of Tatooine including the capital city of Bestine. The story picks up with Chapter 17 so the audience knows that it is part of the overall Mandalorian story arc. Will Din also be in the series? We will have to find out.

In other Star Wars news, we are expecting a trailer for the Obi Wan Kenobi series on Friday. That one will be really good I am certain of it. We also received confirmation that Hayden Christensen will appear in both Obi Want Kenobi and Ashoka, but they have not said in what form he will appear. Is it as Anakin, Vader, or as a Force Ghost?

Quick note on the website, for those you visit often you already know that I’ve been making several small updates based on your suggestions. Please keep those coming in! I’ve started to add index pages that just list the names or characters or droids with links to their individual pages. This should help those looking for certain items they want to use in their RPG sessions rather than having to check just by the letter name. I’ll continue to update each section with index pages as I have the time. Currently the Characters Index Page is up to date and I am working on doing the same with Droids. Aliens and Creatures will be next then I will proceed with the Planets and Vehicles sections.

Also on every Friday I have a release of that weeks Star Wars: The Clone Wars that is released. I’m about a month and a half ahead on those posts so if you see a character and the page isn’t loading, it likely will be released in the coming days. I do try to have three new releases every day of the week although in December you might get a few more as I’ll be doing both the Book of Boba Fett (BoBF) and The Clone Wars at the same time. Sunday is my planned day for the new episode Source Guide for BoBF and Friday for The Clone Wars. That gives me enough time to create the templates and write the story for each episode.

Finally I am still working on The High Republic Source Guide for those looking for those characters. It’s a side project so I only work on those when I have extra time on the weekends.

That wraps up things for this month. As always visit everyday for new updates and I’ll continue to put out new content daily!


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