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The Acolyte – S01E01 – Lost / Found

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Lost / Found

The Assassination
The episode opens with a veiled Mae Aniseya entering a settlement on the planet Ueda. She speaks to a Kubaz pedlar, who tells her about the whereabouts of a Jedi in return for cash. Mae enters a cantina full of beings of various species. She walks up to a cloaked Jedi Master, Indara, telling her they have unfinished business. In the presence of the other customers, she dares Indara to attack her with all her strength. Several individuals respond with laughter and derision until Indara raises her hand.

Indara is unwilling to fight Mae, but the younger woman is belligerent. When Indara responds that the Jedi do not attack the innocent, Mae disagrees and assaults several customers, starting a brawl. One of the alien customers tries to draw his blaster out of its holster, but Mae slams a billiard table into his path. Indara grabs Mae’s hand from behind, prompting Mae to fight her. Indara dodges Mae’s blows, prompting Mae to draw her dagger.

Mae attempts to stab Indara with the dagger, but the Jedi uses her height and combat skills to fend off Mae’s attack. Mae takes a female hostage at knifepoint and hurls her downstairs. Indara calls for help via comlink before using the Force to cushion the woman’s fall. Indara pursues Mae upstairs, and the fight resumes. Indara uses the Force and her combat skills to fight off Mae’s knife attacks, cornering her against a wall. Following a third round, Indara grabs her knife and disarms her.

Indara rips off Mae’s mask and recognizes her as someone she knows. She demands to know what Mae is doing here, prompting Mae to say that she has come to kill her. Mae uses the Force to hurl Indara against a wooden wall. She then hurls a pair of blades at Indara, who uses her lightsaber to cut and scatter them. Mae draws her final dagger, but Indara advances, warning her that this is a fight she cannot win. Mae counters that a Jedi does not pull out their weapon unless she will kill. Mae secretly pulls out another dagger.

She distracts Indara by hurling a dagger at the alien barkeeper, prompting Indara to use the Force to stop the blade mid-air. While Indara is distracted, Mae stabs her in the chest. Mae watches as the Jedi Master succumbs to her injuries and walks away. She approaches the alien barkeeper and retrieves her dagger. She considers killing him but changes her mind after seeing his child.

A Meknek’s Life
Elsewhere in space, meknek Osha Aniseya wakes up in her cabin and chats with her droid PIP droid. Shortly later, a red alarm rings, summoning them for work. In the corridor, she chats with another meknek named Fillik, who tells Osha that she missed out on a trip to Nar Shaddaa the night before. Osha says what she does in her free time is none of his business. When Osha asks what emergency they are responding to, Fillik explains that the shield generator needs repairs. They walk past two Neimoidians. When Osha says that the Trade Federation doesn’t use shields, Fillik suggests that is why it needs to be repaired.

The two mekneks exit the airlock and head to the shield generator. The impatient Neimoidian Captain regards the mekneks as disposable, prompting another officer to respond that their cargo is not. Osha reminds the Neimoidian officers that they can hear them over the comm. Osha quips that Fillik is disposable but she is not. Fillik finds that the emitter duct is not connected to the field projector. Osha welds it back with the help of her PIP droid. Fillik reports that the pressure gauge is spiking, which explodes.

Osha is about to attend to the leaking gauge but is haunted by childhood memories of her and Mae being separated from their parents during a calamity. Fillik reminds her to stop daydreaming and she returns to work. Osha extinguishes the fire just as a Jedi starship circles the Trade Federation starship. Fillik asks Osha if those are her friends.

The Jedi Reunion
Jedi Knight Yord Fandar and his Padawan Tasi Lowa enter the bridge. They tell the Neimoidian captain they are looking for a former Jedi named Osha Aniseya. Another officer responds that they are a cargo ship and do not carry passengers. Fandar says that the Jedi know that Osha works as a meknek, who does freelance outer ship repair. The officer denies hiring mekneks, but Fandar raises his hand and gestures. A female Neimoidian officer responds that Osha is bunking at Bunk 23 on the sub-level of the ship.

The two Jedi head downstairs to find Osha. Osha recognizes Fandar and is pleased to learn he has passed the Jedi Trials to become a Jedi Knight. Fandar remarks that Osha has chosen to settle in the Corporate Sector, far from Coruscant. When Osha about the purpose of his visit, he taps his lightsaber. After Padawan Lowa enters the bunk, Fandar advises Osha to sit.

Lowa asks Osha how long she has been a MekNek. Osha says since she left the Jedi Order six years ago. Lowa types her answers into a datapad. Osha says she left the Jedi Orders but found that her skills were not transferable, so she took up a job because she needed a paycheck. When Lowa asks Osha when she joined the Jedi Order, Osha says she joined when she was eight years old and says that Fandar knows that. Lowa responds that a major concern about admitting her to the Jedi was her age, while Fandar adds that she was mourning at the time of her recruitment.

Osha replies that the circumstances of her recruitment were unique but that the Jedi High Council had made the decision. Fandar recalls that Osha had lost her entire family including her mother, her sister, and her entire village in the fire before Master Sol recruited her. Fandar says that attachments to loved ones are the most difficult to let go. When Osha asks why they are here, Lowa responds that a Jedi was murdered on Ueda last night. Fandar adds that the Jedi Master was Indara.

Lowa says that the suspect matched Osha’s description. When Osha asks if they think that she killed Indara, Lowa asks where she was last night. Osha says she was on this freighter last night and asks why she would kill Indara. Fandar responds that Master Indara had advised the Jedi Council to discontinue her training. Osha responds that leaving the Jedi Order was her hardest decision but insists it was hers. Osha denies murdering Master Indara.

Shortly later, the barkeeper enters Osha’s bunk and identifies her as the assailant who murdered Indara and destroyed his bar. Fandar says that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. The two Jedi escort her down the corridor, and a burly red droid waits to escort them to a ship bound for Coruscant. Osha tells Fandar and Lowa that they are making a mistake as she enters the prison transport. The prison transport disengages from the Federation starship before jumping into hyperspace.

News at the Jedi Temple
At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Master Sol instructs a group of youngling initiates, including Osha, how to meditate, likening it to the ocean. He tells them to tell him what comes to their minds. Just then, Master Vernestra Rwoh enters the room. Two of the younglings liken the Force to balance and life. One youngling likens the balance to an expanding fire. Master Sol responds that the Force is like a fire or ocean, something they must respect.

He dismisses the younglings for lunch before speaking with Master Rwoh, whom he addresses as an old friend. Rwoh describes Sol as a compassionate teacher and has memories of Sol as a small child. Rwoh informs Sol of Master Indara’s death and tells him that they have detained his former Padawan Osha Aniseya as a suspect. Noticing Sol’s shock and sadness, Rwoh remarks that she underestimated her attachment to Osha.

Sol recalls that Osha was a devoted Padawan and sees no reason for her to kill Master Indara. Rwoh says that the evidence against her is strong. Sol responds that he and Indara saved Osha from a terrible fire on Brendok, and that she saw them as their protectors. Soo believes that there must be some mistake. Rwoh and Sol agree to keep the matter secret since their political opponents could use it against them should the news become public knowledge. Rwoh asks Sol if he will support pursuing justice for the murder of Indara in this matter. Sol agrees but sighs in private.

Prison break
Aboard the prison ship, Osha speaks with her fellow inmates. One of her fellow inmates has been restrained by a parasite known as Dybbuk due to his violent tendencies. She speaks to two of her fellow inmates, who ask if she killed a Jedi. They are planning an escape and invite her to join them. Osha asks where they are escaping since they are traveling through hyperspace. The human inmate proposes overpowering the droids and escaping in escape pods. Osha says she trusts the Jedi, prompting the alien to tell her to enjoy prison.

A third cyborg convict transmits a signal that causes the pilot droids to shut down, bringing the prison ship out of hyperspace into an asteroid field. A tentacled prisoner takes out the warden droid by beheading it with its tentacles. Several prisoners flee in an escape pod, but they abandon Osha due to her unwillingness to take part in the escape attempt. The prison ship is left floating in space above a planet. Osha uses the Force to retrieve her PIP droid, which had fallen out amidst the tumble.

She uses PIP to unlock her cell and then frees the paralyzed prisoner from his Dybbuk. The prisoner, however, flees into an escape pod, leaving Osha behind. Osha screams in fury as the prison ship descends into the planet’s atmosphere. She fastens herself to a seat and braces for impact. The prison ship crashes into the frozen world of Carlac.

Unfinished business
Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Padawan Jecki Lon informs Master Sol that Master Rwoh requests her presence at the detainment level. In private, Lon asks Rwoh why he keeps old Holopics of his former Padawan Osha, saying that it encourages sentimentality and nostalgia, which lead to attachment. Sol responds that past memories can serve as lessons and that if they don’t meditate on the past, they are doomed to repeat their mistakes. Lon finishes the final sentence.

At the detainment level, the recaptured prisoners from the prison ship claim that the “Jedi killer” orchestrated the escape. Master Rwoh briefs Sol about the situation. Rwoh speaks to one of the prisoners and asks him what happened to the young woman. The prisoner tells her that she helped him, but he betrayed her and took the last escape pod. Rwoh responds that it still doesn’t clear Osha for Indara’s murder. When Sol asks if there are any life signs on Carlac, Rwoh responds that the Republic has dispatched probe droids to survey the wreckage.

Sol requests permission to go to Carlac and bring back Osha himself. Rwoh does not think that Osha survived, but Sol insists on a means of taking responsibility for his failure. Rwoh permits Sol to assemble a small team but tells him to be discreet. Jecki Lorn accompanies Master Sol for the manhunt but is not keen about bringing Yord Fandar along. The two walk into Fandar’s quarters, where he is changing. Sol tells him that they will be leaving in five minutes. Lorn tells Fandar to put his clothes on. The three depart the Jedi Temple on a starship.

Osha’s vision
Back on Carlac, Osha awakes in the snow-covered wreckage of the prison ship, which has crashed at the foot of a mountain. Osha sees another figure and follows the shadow. Osha encounters her long-lost twin sister Mae before experiencing a flashback of the fire on Brendok. The younger Mae tells her that they are inseparable as twin sisters. Inside a vision of their childhood home, Osha, in her younger form, communes with her lost sister. When Osha asks Mae is she killed Indara, Mae confirms that she killed Indara and says she will kill them all. Osha awakens with Pip in the snowy wreckage of the prison ship. Osha speaks with PIP, saying the droid would not believe what she saw.

The Manhunt
Meanwhile, Lorn asks Sol about Osha. Master Sol explains that he was stationed on Osha’s homeworld of Brendok 16 years ago when her sister Mae started a fire that killed her entire family. Osha was the sole survivor, and he took her as his Padawan. Sol clarifies that Mae was Osha’s twin sister. Fandar is surprised to learn that Osha is a twin. Lorn notices that there is no mention of Mae in the Jedi files and asks if Mae is the true killer. Sol believes that Mae is dead, having witnessed her supposed death. The Jedi depart for Carlac in a smaller shuttle, which exits the larger Jedi starship.

Osha sees the approaching Jedi ship and hides. Fandar and Lorn inspect the wreckage. The former believes that nobody survived the landing, while Lorn disagrees. Sol thinks scavengers are at work and leads the group outside. Osha flees through a network of tunnels leading to a cliff’s edge. The three Jedi follow her and corner her at the cliff’s edge.

Osha pleads her innocence but slips and falls over the edge. Master Sol uses his Force powers to levitate her and PIP to safety. Sol is relieved to see her. When Osha tells him that Mae is alive, Sol believes her but tells Osha that she needs to come with them. They leave the cliff together.

The Master and the Acolyte
Elsewhere, Mae walks along a rocky shore as a male voice talks about the Jedi living in a dream, which they believe everyone shares. He says that those who attack the Jedi with weapons fail since steel and laser are no threat to them. He says that an acolyte kills without a weapon, adding that the acolyte kills the dream. Mae approaches a distant dark figure who wields a red lightsaber.




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