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Force Powers

Ritual of the Twin Moons

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Force Power: Ritual of the Twin Moons
Control Difficulty: Moderate
Sense Difficulty: Moderate
Alter Difficulty: Moderate
Required Powers: Enhance Attribute, Control Another’s Pain, Transfer Force
Time to Use: One Minute
Effect: This power will transfer life force of the caster to the target while tapping into both the light and dark side. When a character has force transferred to them a spiral marking is burned into the target’s flesh. The ritual can only occur once, and the target gains +1D to one of their Force Skills. If the ritual is performed more than once, the target loses -1D to their Force Skills. When this power is used, the user must spend a Force Point and a Dark Side Point to be successful.

Background: The Ritual of the Twin Moons was a Force Ability that transferred a small portion of the caster’s life force to another, enhancing the target’s Force Skills. It called upon both the light and the dark side to accomplish the transfer.

Appearances: The Acolyte

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