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Plasma Cutter

Type: Typical plasma cutter
Cost: 150 (gas canister: 20)
Availability: 1
Damage: 7D
Game Notes: It takes one round per 1D of body strength to cut a two-meter-by-one-meter hole. (For example: a blast door with 6D body strength would take six rounds.) When used as a weapon, the plasma cutter causes 7D physical damage; a Moderate melee combat roll is needed to hit. The blast goggles or blast visor must be used with the cutter; anyone within two meters without proper eye protection must make a Moderate Perception roll to look away or be blinded for three minutes. (If someone is blinded, an attacker gets +10 to hit in combat.)

Background: A Portable Plasma Cutter also known as a fusion cutter, was a device used to cut through certain materials. Rocket battle droids were equipped with these types of cutting torches. In 22 BBY, they were used by a group of rocket battle droids to cut open escape pods when they hunted down survivors of the Malevolence attack during the Battle of Abregado.

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