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Sando Aqua Monster

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Species: Sando Aqua Monster
Type: Aquatic Predator
Planet of Origin: Naboo

Dexterity: 3D

Perception: 1D+2

Strength: 10D

Special Abilities:
Teeth: Str+2D Damage.
Claws: Str+1D Damage.
Energy Resistant: Any attacks made against a Sando Aqua Monster by energy weapons (blaster, light sabers, lasers, etc.) have their damage rolls reduced by 8 points. If this reduces the total damage below 0, then the shot is considered to have done no damage.

Move: 10 (Walking), 20 (Swimming)
Size: 160–200 meters long / 54,000 metric tons

Background: Measuring between 160 and 200 meters in length, the sando aqua monsters owed their name to their gigantic size. Despite that, they managed to hide in their native oceanic depths. Sandos had heavily muscled bodies that looked almost feline, with strong limbs ending in finned claws that propelled them through the depths. Their front legs ended in hands that could be used to grasp prey.

Their huge mouths allowed them to swallow most other creatures of the Abyss in a single gulp. Using their razor-sharp teeth, they were also the only predators capable of biting through the hard shells of the opee sea killers.

Their life-spans typically reached one hundred standard years. However, a sando aqua monster killed by Darth Vader was estimated to be approximately 932 standard years old. According to ZED-6-7, their life cycles were glacially slow and their population was incredibly small. Therefore, the murder of one creature astronomically increased the chances of the species eventual extinction.

The sando aqua monsters were carnivores. In order to maintain their gigantic bodies, those voracious creatures needed to feed constantly, and they often devoured entire schools of fish.

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