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Zillo Beast

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Species: Zillo Beast
Planet of Origin: Malastare


Brawling: 9D
Climbing: 7D

Special Abilities:
Spiked Tail: Does STR+2D damage.
Plate Armor: Virtually impenetrable, the plate armor gives a +3D vs all damage. The armor plates do have a few places where there are gaps that can be exploited. Doing so raises the attack difficulty by two levels, but if successful the shot ignores the armor modifier.
Energy Drain: Zillo Beasts survive and grow by draining energy. While draining power, it grows twice as large every minute until it is fully grown.
Ion Damage: Targeting a Zillo Beast with a heavy ion cannon will stun the creature for 1 round.

Story Factors:
Monster: Dugs believe the Zillo beasts are dangerous, blood thirsty monsters who in the past roamed the planet eating their ancestors. There is also a warning from their ancestors that a Zillo beast will return someday and destroy their entire civilization.

Move: 20
Size: 91 meters
Scale: Starfighter

Background: A semi-sentient reptilian-insectoid species. In ancient times, these gargantuan creatures preyed upon a native indigenous species, the Dugs. However, the Dugs gradually gained the upper hand and slowly eradicated the Zillo Beasts through various methods, including drilling for fuel in their habitats. By the time of the Clone Wars, it was widely believed that the creatures were extinct, although it was rumored that at least one had survived.

At 97 meters long, the Zillo Beasts were gargantuan creatures that dwarfed many other objects and most living organisms in both size and mass in their environment. They had a roughly serpentine body with a long tail that trailed behind its form. It uniquely possessed a third arm protruding from its back. Its plate-like armor was virtually impenetrable to explosives, blasterfire and even lightsaber strikes.

Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker discovered that gaps in the creature’s armored plates could be exploited to damage or stun the creature. On one such occasion, clone troopers were able to subdue the creature by using RX-200 Falchion-class assault tanks aimed at the gaps in its armor to render the beast unconscious for transport to Coruscant. A Zillo beast could also be killed by poisoning it with Malastare fuel. This fuel contained toxins that made it an effective method that the Dugs used for many years.

The eyes of the Zillo beast glowed a pale yellow-green at all times and its nostrils were located on the top of its skull. It appeared intelligent, sensitive, and capable of recognizing facial features as when hunting for Palpatine. While in captivity on Coruscant, Doctor Sionver Boll observed that the creature was possibly sentient. This deduction was reinforced by the creature’s hostile behavior towards Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. After breaking out of its containment facility, the creature terrorized the planet in an unsuccessful attempt to kill the Chancellor. It was later killed by poison gas fired by Republic Gunships whilst climbing the Senate building, but Palpatine ordered Boll to clone the creature.

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