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Name: Aleen
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (surface); Type II (underworld)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Surface: Rocky mesas and buttes, desert plains, isolated forests; Underworld: geological and arboreal root caverns, luminescent vegetation groves
Length of Day: 31 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 399 Standard Days
Sapient Species: Aleena, Kindalo
Starport: Landing Field
Population: 18 million (99% Aleena, 1% other)
Planet Function: Homeworld
Government: Surface: Monarchy; Underworld: Ararchial consensus
Tech Level: Stone
Trade Routes: None
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: None
Settlements: Villages
Points of Interest: Aleena village, Aleena mainframe, Jedi chapter house, Aleena Underworld, Great Seal
Flora: Arbozoic tree
Fauna: Bogwing, Can-cell, Firefly, Sagcatcher, Scatalpen

System Data

Region: Mid Rim
Sector: Bright Jewel
System Name: Aleen
Star Name: Trohlu
Star Type: Yellow

Background: A world with a desert-like surface, Aleen was unique in that it contained a series of complex caverns in the upper crust that was viewed as a second biosphere with its own unique atmosphere. Formed by the growth of the unique arbozoic trees, the caverns were also comprised of tunnels carved by water, lava, and tectonic shearing. Maintaining a unique climate and an atmosphere dangerous to the surface-dwelling Aleena, the planet’s two sentient species made the conscious decision to recognize the divide between the two environs and remain separated. Aleen’s surface was dotted with the remnants of Aleena colossi that stood as relics of their ancient society abandoned in favor of a simpler lifestyle.

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