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Force Powers


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Force Power: Morichro

Control Difficulty: Moderate, modified by proximity.
Alter Difficulty: Perception or control roll of the target.
Required Powers: Accelerate Another’s Healing, Control Another’s Pain, Control Pain, Hibernation Trance, Injure/Kill, Life Detection, Life Sense, Place Another in Hibernation Trance

Game Note: A character with more than two Dark Side Points cannot utilize the power.

Warning: If the target of this power dies for any reason while being under its influence, the Force-user who initiated the power gains a Dark Side Point.

Effect: Slowing down body functions of another being to place the individual into a long-term suspended animation.

Background: Morichro was a powerful, but potentially dangerous technique of the Force which could slow down the body functions of another being into mild catatonia or long-term suspended animation. Although a few Jedi Masters practiced this as “forbidden” classified ability, it was considered off-limits for Jedi Knights without exceptions.

One of its chief practitioners in the Order’s last years was Jedi Master Yaddle.

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