Mole Serpent

Species: Mole Serpent
Move: 10
Size: 10-18 meters long

Dexterity 1D+1
Perception 1D+1
search 4D+1
sneak 4D
Strength 7D

Special Abilities:
Bite: Does Strength +1D+2 damage.

Burrow: The mole serpent can burrow through the ground with a Move score of 10.

Stealth: When a mole serpent burrows through the ground, it can only be detected by an opposed roll between the character’s Search skill and the mole serpent’s Sneak skill (the mole serpent gains a +15 bonus to its roll due to the fact that it is moving under ground).

Swallow: The mole worm attacks by surfacing, then biting and attempting to swallow its prey. If the initial attack roll is successful, the serpent is assumed to have its target in its mouth (inflicting normal bite damage). The next round, the serpent makes an opposed Strength check against its target. If it succeeds, it swallows the target whole. Once inside the serpent, the target takes 5D acid damage until it is either dead or it somehow breaks out (either by cutting its way out, or climbing out with a successful Climbing/Jumping check that is Very Difficult). Note that climbing back into the creature’s mouth isn’t sure salvation – the character will still need to succeed in an opposed Strength check with the serpent in order to leave its mouth. If the worm fails in its attack, it will retreat below the ground and wait for another opportunity to strike.

Tremorsense: The mole worm can make Search rolls underground to sense the location of characters within 20 meters on the surface. The difficulty is normally Moderate, but drops to Easy if the character is moving.

Background: Mole serpents were burrowing predators native to the Kathol sector. They dwelt almost entirely underground and ranged from 10-28 meters long. One such creature escaped into the deserts of Tatooine. The creatures are the natural predators of the Tirginni beasts.

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