Rock Wart

Species: Rock Wart
Move: 4

Dexterity 3D+1
Bite 4D

Perception 1D+1
Search 1D+2
Sneak 3D+1

Strength 0D+2
Climb 3D+1

Special Abilities:
Venomous Bite: If the rock wart successfully bites a target, it injects a neurotoxin that does 5D damage to its target. If the victim dies (or goes unconscious), the rock wart will make a snack of its victim before laying 4D eggs inside him. After four days, the eggs hatch, and the larval rock warts devour the carcass.

Background: Rock warts were a species of venomous parasites that could be found on Tatooine. They had eight legs and four eyes. Within their sting and bite, the rock warts of Tatooine possessed a painful neurotoxic venom, and the rock warts used their toxic bite to kill their target before laying their eggs in his or her body. Rockwart venom could even kill much larger prey. The venom was used in the preparation of a powder utilized by assassins.

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