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Hunger Pangs Start to Hit The Colonies

CHASIN CITY, COMMENOR – Sampo’s was cited as the best restaurant on Commenor three years in the a row, with critics heralding its award-winning medleys of aquatic gamefowl and vegetables. Now, the restaurant has cut down to half-week service as a planet-wide shortage of fresh comestibles begins to worsen.

“The fowl is still of the freshest variety, but our most challenging vegetables and indulgent breads come from offworld,” says proprietor Vabrick Axo. “Our weekly shipments now come monthly, if at all.”

Vabrick’s tale of restauranteur hardship is just one of countless similar stories found spreading in the Colonies and in the Core, as local food industries have to adjust to decreased materials shipments following the secession of key producer worlds in the Outer Rim. More than half of Commenor’s basic food imports — and nearly all of its luxury food shipments — came from the Abrion sector, which is no longer part of the Republic.

Lead grocery retailers Consumart and Plenty’s have instituted rationing programs that limit the amount of fresh foods individual can purchase. In some markets, there have even been reports of looting. “It’s pretty crazy, but nothing that bad has happened here,” says Chasin City Plenty’s Manager, Nena Wo. “We actually had to hire security, which is another expense we’re going to have to make up somewhere. Luckily, the IBC and the Techno Union were willing to give us a break in loaning some sentry droids for the doors.”

The Republic has awarded the Salliche Ag Corporation with numerous tax incentives to service the Core Worlds abandoned by Abrion. While the 18 agri-worlds in Salliche’s control are expected to provide adequate resources, the Salliche Ag bureaucracy has yet to catch up to the agreement. The appropriate requisition datawork is expected to be completed by month’s end so that redirected shipments can begin.

“There are a lot of mouths to feed,” says Salliche Ag spokesbeing Leah Nynel, “We will get our barges out to you, but we do ask for patience.”

Commenor First Minister Tomlin Gorastor has been in steady negotiation with Salliche Ag representatives, trying to ensure his world is first in the queue. Gorastor has downplayed his description of the food shortages as “”catastrophic” following criticism from a number of Outer Rim Senators.

“Arkanis sector goes without milk and bread for two months, and it’s the price of being in a remote region. Commenorans can’t get their volcho sprig garnishes, and it’s a calamity,” said Senator Tundra Dowmeia (Mon Calamari).

“I’m hesitant to call this an emergency, here,” Gorastor clarified. “It’s not as if we’re wasting away. But we don’t all want to eat at the Biscuit Baron for the remainder of the Separatist crisis.”

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