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Force Powers

Force Blast

Force Power: Force Blast

Alter Difficulty: See chart below

Required powers: Telekinesis

Time to use: one round

Warning: A Jedi who uses this gains one Dark Side Point.

Effect: This power allows a Force user to launch a blast of compressed air and debris. The power has a number of applications, both practical and sinister. It allows the Jedi to clear a blocked passageway of debris or other obstacles. However, it has been used by the less scrupulous to hurl a barrage of projectiles at life forms standing in the Force user’s path. Any Jedi who uses this on a sentient being gains an immediate Dark Side Point.

Very Difficult6D

Background: Force blast was a Force power used by the dark side and neutral Force-sensitives, that when conjured, projected concentrated blasts of pure dark side energy at objects or opponents, usually with devastating effects. This ability was even further expanded upon, resulting in the Sickening blast.

Using one’s hands, the conjurer could project focused blasts of dark side energy, that could obliterate objects, or destroy living beings or creatures. At first, users would experience moderate difficulty in controlling such powerful dark side energy. With practice, the aspiring sorcerer could learn to direct the energies into a power that could obliterate anything in its path. Sometimes the user would suffer burns to their flesh, but feel no pain. While its effects were enhanced if the wearer was in possession of a Sith amulet, the amulet was not required.

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