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Name: Tsoklo
Type: Vendor/Imperial Informant
Species: Rodian
Homeworld: Lothal
Gender: Male
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 72kg
Skin: Green

Melee Combat: 3D
Melee Parry: 3D+2

Business: 3D+1
Languages: 3D
Value: 4D

Repulsorlift Operation: 3D+2

Bargain: 3D
Con: 3D+2
Gambling: 3D
Hide: 4D+2
Investigation: 4D
Search: 3D+2
Singing: XD
Sneak: 4D



Special Abilities:

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 6
Move: 10

Equipment: Vibroknife (STR+3D), Fruit Stand

Background: Tsoklo was a Rodian male who resided on the planet Lothal several years before the Galactic Civil War. He served as a factory worker but also worked for the Galactic Empire as an informant who reported to Supply Master Yogar Lyste. In exchange for protection, Tsoklo would report to Lyste on the activities of unproductive workers and lawbreakers. The Rodian also operated a fruit stall in the city of Kothal and, at one point, sold his supply of imported meiloorun fruit to Lyste.

During the Empire Day holiday, the Imperials set out to find a Rodian named Tseebo, an Imperial Information Office worker who deserted the Empire after stealing many Imperial files. Tsoklo was apprehended twice by Imperials—first by a trio of TIE fighter pilots and later by Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau—who compared Tsoklo to a picture of Tseebo to verify whether or not Tsoklo was the Rodian the Empire was after. In both cases, the Imperials realized that Tsoklo was not their Rodian. Tsoklo later visited Old Jho’s Pit Stop for a game of sabacc, where he lost to the human Lando Calrissian and the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios.

Later, during the Siege of Lothal, Tsoklo was imprisoned and enslaved on a Mining Guild ore crawler, stripping the planet of its natural resources. Overseen by the Trandoshan foreman Proach, Tsoklo and several others worked in the murky conditions of the crawler until they were saved by the Spectres rebel group when they hijacked the crawler in the name of the Rebellion, after which Tsoklo himself pledged to fight the Empire.

Appearances: Rebels

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