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Campaigning Reports from the Mid Rim

MID RIM NODE – With the Military Creation Act vote seven days away, many traveling Senators and representatives are collecting a final consensus from their constituents to determine their vote next week. The Mid Rim is now a hotbed of last-minute campaigning to ensure that the voices of each sector are properly represented.

Each Mid Rim sector determines its own Senate vote in accordance to local political and cultural traditions, but aggregate referenda are the most common method. Since most Senators wish to accurately convey the wills of their people, they turn directly to their constituent worlds.

Senator Padmé Amidala (Naboo), a vocal opponent of the Military Creation Act, is nonetheless relying on the voice of her people to determine her vote. Throughout the Chommel sector, she has an extremely positive approval rating. Since the announcement of the Military Creation Act vote, she has been steadily campaigning against it, spreading her message of the vote’s consequences throughout the 36 worlds her sector.

Ironically, the only world that has met her arrival with any contention is her home planet of Naboo. Though she enjoys enormous popular support, an ongoing miner’s protest has sullied an otherwise spotless record. Upon her departure from Theed, her personal security was visibly increased following reported threats from the miners.

In the Kastolar sector, Senator Jollin Resbin (Sneeve) has been rallying support for the Military Creation Act. He has recruited the support of retired Podracing legend Boles Roor who appeared in a series of holographic endorsements for the Senator. Roor even came out of retirement for a series of charity races throughout the Mid Rim, spreading the Senator’s message throughout the sector. He is scheduled for next week’s Dasoor Challenge, which is to be held the day of the vote, weather permitting.

On the Mid Rim world of Chalacta, Senator Yudrish Sedran has consulted the Chalactan Temple of Illumination for direction, adopting a strong anti-Military Creation Act stance that has been anecdotally supported by Chalactan Jedi Depa Billaba and Sar Labooda.

Many of the Mid Rim Senators have already started their transit back to Coruscant for next week’s vote. Political analysts are hesitant to predict an outcome based solely on this region’s activities, since it is usually the Core Worlds that determine the result of full Senate votes.

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