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Baby Ludi Moved to Kamparas

JEDI TEMPLE, CORUSCANT – Amidst a flurry of controversy and widespread activism, the Jedi Council has transported young Baby Ludi from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to the training academy in distant Kamparas.

The fourteen-month-old child is the subject of a heated custody dispute between her mother, Jonava Billane, and the Jedi Council, who refuse to hand over the child since she has begun her Jedi training.

Sometime last night, a Jedi transport vessel took the child, known to the Jedi by her adopted name of Aris-Del Wari, and a class or “clan” of 19 other Jedi children off Coruscant.

Upon learning this, members of the People’s Inquest, a citizen’s Jedi watch group that had members camped outside the Temple for months, launched an impromptu rally. “What have you to hide?” asked acting leader Firris Palbert through a loudhailer, drawing cheers from the assembled group. “Are the vaunted Masters so afraid of us that they must flee with a child they know they have no claim to?”

Though the Jedi Council refused to comment on the record regarding the transfer, members of the Judiciary did address the move. “This transfer is part of standard syllabi,” said Judicial Cerisa Vosengoor. “The initiate clan is undergoing specialized learning at Kamparas by Masters of varied techniques. The implication that any external pressure prompted the move is spurious,”

Palbert continued to rouse his audience, loudly suggesting that all supporters of the People’s Inquest with the necessary funds should travel to Kamparas to continue the protest there.

The Inquest’s founder and president, Thrynka Padaunete, was unavailable for comment. Padaunete and Jonava Billane are currently on Kassido reviewing casting auditions for the as-yet-untitled Baby Ludi holofeature.

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