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Force Powers

Art of the Small

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Force Power: Art of the Small
Control Difficulty: Difficult
Required Powers: Concentration, emptiness, force of will, Force stealth, hibernation trance

Effect: This radical power might be the pinnacle of employing the Force for stealth purposes and the key to unlocking the ability to manipulate matter at the molecular level. With this power, a Jedi can meditate and meld oneself with the Force in such a way that the Jedi’s presence in the Force shrinks down to a microscopic size. The reduction is to such a degree that even the most powerful Jedi Masters will have great difficulty in finding a Jedi in this state when trying to sense the Jedi’s presence with life detection, life sense, receptive telepathy, or sense Force.
Because of the results of this power, a Force-user trying to sense the user of this power must first have at least 10D in his or her sense roll, and then make a successful Heroic roll.

Game Note: Restricted The origins of this power are unknown, though it is possible that the fallen Jedi Kreia Fallea, also known as Darth Traya, might have known this power, as it would explain how she was able to evade detection by several Jedi Masters during the Dark Wars. Despite this exception, this power should not be generally available for Jedi of that time to learn.

The enigmatic Vergere might have learned this power on her own, or had it taught to her by someone. In any event, she taught this power to Jacen Solo and Cilghal. Cilghal, in turn, taught it to her apprentice Tekli. Upon Vergere’s death, Jacen Solo, Cilghal, and Tekli are the only ones in Luke Skywalker’s order who know this power. While it is highly unlikely Jacen Solo has taught others this power, Cilghal and Tekli might have been more forthcoming towards students who wish to become Jedi healers. As a result, while this power has greater availability to the Jedi of Luke Skywalker’s order, it is still not a widely used power. GMs must keep this in mind when using this power.

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