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Advanced Force Stealth

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Force Power: Advanced Force Stealth
Control Difficulty: Difficult
Required Powers: Concentration, Force stealth

Effect: A more advanced version of the traditional Force stealth power, while this will allow a Jedi to meditate and lose himself in the Force, the Jedi will not hide his presence from detection. Instead, the Jedi will be able to blend his presence into the “background noise” of the Force that’s generated by the multitude of life forms in the galaxy, becoming indistinguishable from the masses. This will not only prevent the Jedi from being detected by other Force-users, but it will also allow a Jedi to conceal their own emotions from being detected as well.

If successful, the user masks his or her presence in the Force, evading other Force-users trying to sense the user’s presence with life detection, life sense, or sense Force. The Force-user also evades any attempts by other Force-users using receptive telepathy to sense the user’s emotions or state of mind.
If another Force-user is trying to sense the user’s presence, emotions, or state of mind, the user can oppose the Force-user’s sense roll with a control roll. If the user’s control roll is greater than the opponent’s sense roll, the user successfully evades detection. If the user’s control roll is less than the Force-user’s sense roll, the opponent detects the user’s presence.

If several Force-users are trying to detect the user, the user makes a control roll against the opponent with the highest sense roll.
This power lasts for ten minutes, at which time the user can reroll to reactivate it. Should the user use any other Force power during the ten-minute time limit, the user automatically reestablishes his or her connection to the Force, cancelling out this power.

This power also has an additional advantage over Force stealth. Having encountered the Yuuzhan Vong, their creations, or having fought in the Yuuzhan Vong war, Jedi have learned to detect the emptiness in the Force generated by the Yuuzhan Vong and their creations. This emptiness is like the emptiness in the Force a Jedi using Force stealth creates, allowing Jedi from the time of the Yuuzhan Vong war onward a better chance of detecting someone using Force stealth. Advanced Force stealth, however, allows a Jedi to blend his presence into the ambient Force energy generated by all living things, thus neutralizing this trick.

Game Note: To date, there are only six known, and two suspected practitioners of this power. Kreia Fallea, also known as Darth Traya, might have used this to evade detection by several Jedi Masters. Alema Rar either developed this power on her own or learned this power from Lomi Plo. There is no official explanation on this matter. Jacen Solo somehow developed this power or learned it from one of the various Force traditions he encountered and studied under during his five-year journey. He taught this power to his cousin Ben Skywalker, who then taught his mother Mara Jade Skywalker and later his father Luke Skywalker. Jaina Solo Fel apparently also learned this power and used it to hide her presence from Ben Skywalker. With the deaths of Alema Rar, Lomi Plo, Jacen Solo and Mara Jade Skywalker, Ben Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and Jaina Solo Fel are the only ones left who knows how to use this power. Whether or not they will teach others this power is yet unclear.

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