Friday, June 21, 2024
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Tynna to Secede Following Building Disappearance

LUTRIS, TYNNA – An empty hole and a cloud of soot is all that remains where the Tynna Central Government Building stood only two hours earlier. Early investigation suggests the destruction is consistent with recent phenomenon being blamed on so-called stone mite creatures.

General Council Assistant Zobyteeg was the first to alert security. “I looked up from my research and found myself looking at Lutris Lake,” he recalled, “and I don’t have a window. My whole wall was gone by the time I could tell anyone.”

Razelfiin, selected planetary leader by lottery just two months ago, was furious following the building’s evacuation. “This is obviously an act of terrorism. What did the Republic do to stop this? Where are our Jedi?” she said. “That’s it for Tynna. I’ll be contacting Count Dooku once we can establish new government headquarters somewhere.”

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