Friday, June 21, 2024
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Senator Aak Officially Appointed

SENATE ROTUNDA, CORUSCANT – Ask Aak was officially recognized as Senator of Malastare, a position he has been filling since the 4:4th assassination of Senator Aks Moe on Aargau. The recognition started today’s session of the Galactic Senate.

“My esteemed predecessor had a great love for the Republic,” said Aak. “Were it not for this government, Malastare would not enjoy the prosperity that it does today. I look forward to continuing the effort to preserve this proud institution, and assisting the Supreme Chancellor in whatever manner I can.”

Outside the Senate Rotunda, a small but vocal contingent of Dug activists took this opportunity to protest what they call “continued injustices on Malastare.” The Dugs-for-Democracy movement has been calling for recognition by the Gran government for the past seven standard years.

“We call on all spaceworthy Dugs to gather on Coruscant and protest the continued abuse of our people,” said DFD leader Toronaxx. “Aak is no different. He’s got Dug slaves just as Moe did.”

Though Aak was unavailable for comment regarding Toronaxx’s statements, Representative Baskol Yeesrim did field the accusation. “The Dugs in the employ of the Gran Protectorate are paid workers enjoying substantial benefits. Though, it doesn’t surprise me to hear the liberal media taking such an anti-Gran slant.”

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