Trask Fishing Boat

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Name: Trask Fishing Boat
Type: Fishing Vessel
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Trawler Operation
Crew: 6
Passengers: 4 (On-Deck)
Cargo Capacity: 100 metric tons
Cover: 1/2
Altitude Range: 0 (Sealevel)
Cost: 5,000
Maneuverability: 1D
Move: 50,180 kph
Body Strength: 2D

Game Notes: Central Storage mid-deck can hold large aquatic creatures or store 100 metric tons of cargo.

Background: In 9 ABY on the planet of Trask several fishing vessels populated the seaport. The Mandalorian Din Djarin traveled on a Trask Fishing Boat with several Quarren boatsmen in his search for other Mandalorians. A Quarren asks Djarin if he has seen a mamacore eat, saying that it is quite a sight and that the Child might be interested. The Quarren lowers a net full of fish down an opening below the ship’s deck. The mamacore quickly devours the fish. While conversing, the Quarren then uses his spear to whack the Child’s repulsorlift cradle below the opening. A horrified Djarin shouts as the mamacore surfaces and swallows the cradle with the Child.

The Mandalorian jumps after the Child and the Quarrens seal a metal grill trapdoor over the opening, trapping the Mandalorian. They intend to steal Djarin’s armor and use pikes to force him underwater, hoping to drown him. Before the Quarren can finish him, several Mandalorians with jetpacks descend on the deck and fight the Quarren, killing them with at least one falling into the sea. A female Mandalorian opens the trapdoor and pulls Djarin to safety. He tells her that the mamacore has taken the Child. She jumps into the water while her two comrades help Djarin.

The female leader reassures Djarin they had gotten this under control. She and her companion watch the underwater explosions beneath the trapdoor. Shortly later, the Mandalorian who helped Djarin resurfaces with her jetpack and the Child’s cradle. The cradle is damaged but the Child is alive.

After a disagreement Din Djarin leaves and the Mandalorians destroy the vessel.

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