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The Clone Wars Chapter 10

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A massive space battle rages above Muunilinst, with Commander Anakin Skywalker leading V-19 Torrent starfighters in his customized Jedi starfighter, Azure Angel. A huge number of Geonosian starfighters join the battle, and Skywalker orders Red Squadron to fire their missiles over the bow of a Republic assault ship. The baffled clone pilots obey and Skywalker leads the cloud of enemy fighters around the ship into the missiles. With the remaining missiles still chasing him, Skywalker leads them into the docking bay of a Muunilinst gun platform, destroying it.

A mysterious starfighter appears out of hyperspace, firing into the Republic fleet and obliterating Blue Squadron. Skywalker warns the clone pilots of the new arrival: “This one’s mine.” But what Skywalker does not know is that the ship is being piloted by Asajj Ventress.



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