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Temple of Eedit

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Name: Temple of Eedit
Planet: Devaron
Starport Type: Stellar Class
Traffic: Medium
Control: Republic
Docking Areas: Capital Landing Field, Hangers
Docking Fee: 25 credits per day
Customs: Republic
Law Enforcement: Local
Services: Full Services
Population: 10,000
Points of Interest: Jedi Temple

Background: The Temple of Eedit, also known as the Eedit Temple, was a Jedi temple on the jungle planet Devaron. The temple was a place of personal rebirth and fortification for its visitors, drawing upon the vergence in the Force that the temple was built on. The Galactic Republic used it as a base during the Clone Wars, and the temple became a vital outpost in the Republic’s campaign against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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