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Sinta Glacier

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Name: Sinta Glacier
Type: Inactive Comet Core
Temperature: Frigid
Atmosphere: None
Hydrosphere: None
Gravity: Light
Terrain: Ice
Length of Day: 52 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 160 Local Days
Sapient Species: Various
Starport: Limited
Population: 3,500
Planet Function: Colony
Government: Representative
Tech Level: Space
Trade Routes: None
Major Exports: Smuggled Goods
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Medicine
Settlements: Sinta Glacier Colony
Points of Interest: Sinta Glacier Colony

System Data

Region: Mid Rim
System Name:
Star Name:
Star Type:

Background: Sinta Glacier was a massive chunk of ice, billions of years old, which had once been the core of a mega-comet, and was eventually caught in the orbit of the star Sinta. The Sinta Glacier Colony was a settlement on the glacier which extracted ice cores that contained traces of malsarr.

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