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Name: Serenno
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Forests, Mountains, Plains
Length of Day: 28 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 264 Local Days
Sapient Species: Chiss, Human, Twi’lek
Starport: Imperial Class
Population: 4 Billion
Planet Function: Manufacturing/Processing (High)
Government: Great Houses of Serenno
Tech Level: Space
Trade Routes: Celanon Spur, Hydian Way
Major Exports: High Tech, Medium Tech, Machinary
Major Imports: Raw Materials, Tech componants, Foodstuffs
Settlements: Carannia (capital), Fiyaro, Saffia
Points of Interest: Aparian Wastes, Belsallian Sea, Borgin Castle, Box, Castle Serenno, Carannia Spaceport, Great Assembly House, Serenno Spaceport, The Spike
Fauna: Spine-wolf, Tirra’Taka

System Data

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Serenno
System Name: Serenno
Star Name: Serenno
Star Type: Orange

Background: A planet located in the Outer Rim Territories covered in lush forests, mountains and plains. Serenno was named after House Serenno which was the family who ruled it. During the Clone Wars, it was aligned with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the leader of which was the Serenno-born Count Dooku.

According to the legends of the noble houses of the planet, Serenno was once a planet under the control of the Sith Empire. The eight great houses were mobilized by the Serenno family and, according to their histories, expelled the Sith forces without Jedi assistance. As a result the planet was subsequently renamed after the Serenno Family.

By 102 BBY, Serenno was ruled by Count Gora. Shortly after the birth of his second son Dooku Gora realized that the boy was Force-sensitive; due to his hatred of them Gora quickly contacted the Jedi Order and then left the boy alone in the forest outside of his palace to die or be found by the Jedi seekers. Gora subsequently refused to speak of Dooku. As a result of this his other two children; Ramil and Jenza, as well as the wider Serennian public were initially unaware of Dooku’s existence.

Gora’s rule was unpopular for many Serennians due to him often laying off workers and replacing them with Droids. This unrest even led to a protest in 82 BBY at the Funeral of Countess Anya, during which Gora almost ordered his Security Droids to fire on the protestors until Dooku intervened. This intervention unwittingly revealing Dooku’s identity as Gora’s son to the Serennian public.

After becoming Count, a title he took on after the invasion of Serenno, Dooku founded the Confederacy of Independent Systems, an alliance of solar systems who wanted to secede from the Republic, he moved his headquarters to a cliff-side castle on Serenno. The hostility between the Republic and the Confederacy turned into a pan-galactic conflict known as the Clone Wars, and Serenno became a stronghold of the Confederacy. Protected by a cordon of Confederate warships, the planet was kept insulated from the worst of the Clone Wars battles.

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