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Name: Sullust
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type II (Breath Mask Suggested)
Hydrosphere: Dry
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Mountains, volcanoes, rocky deserts, caves
Length of Day: 20 standard hours
Length of Year: 263 standard days
Sapient Species: Sullustan, Human
Starport: Imperial Class
Population: 1 Billion
Planet Function: Homeworld
Government: Coporation
Tech Level: Space
Trade Routes: Incisor Sidestep, Rimma Trade Route, Sanctuary Pipeline
Major Exports: Starfighters, assault shuttles
Major Imports: Raw Materials, Mid Tech, High Tech, Starship componantes.
Settlements: Pinyumb
Points of Interest: Abandoned weapons depot, Inyusu Tor, Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility, Mayjein Eruption, SoroSuub Centroplex, SoroSuub Refinery, Sullust Sector Spacefarers Academy
Fauna: Ash angel, Bat, Crab, Rockrender, Sullustan ash-rabbit, Trilobite

System Data

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Sullust
System: Sullust
Star: Sullust
Star Type: Yellow

Background: A planet located in the Sullust system of the Outer Rim Territories that was home to the Sullustan species.

Sullust was a barren, obsidian world of lava streams and turquoise lakes. Native fauna such as ash angels foraged during the day and returned to nest at night, while rockrenders prowled the planet’s underground. Because the planet’s atmosphere was highly toxic, native Sullustans lived in technologically advanced subterranean cities that were highly regarded for their beauty. They commuted to work by lifts and shuttles that carried them to the factories on the planet’s surface, alternating between day and night shifts. The SoroSuub Corporation employed roughly half the population of Sullust and the world was the center of the company’s industrial empire, with famous factories manufacturing starships.

Sullust lay on the Rimma Trade Route, which connected it to Vondarc and Eriadu. It also acted as a junction onto the Incisor Sidestep route, which connected it to Anoat and the secret Sanctuary Pipeline, which connected it to Endor.

In its earliest days, Sullust was a proud and influential member of the Galactic Republic, and was host to the Sullust Sector Spacefarers Academy that young Wilhuff Tarkin attended. In the years following the Invasion of Naboo, the rogue Jedi Count Dooku spread political turmoil on worlds such as Kashyyyk, Onderon, and Sullust, and Sullust would secede. During the Clone Wars, it hosted a battle between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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