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Senator Farr Named to Loyalist Committee

GALACTIC CITY, CORUSCANT – A month ago, few would have ever expected to see Senator Onaconda Farr on one of Palpatine’s closest committees, so outspoken against the Supreme Chancellor is the Rodian politician. His appointment to the Loyalist Committee was announced this morning; Farr replaces Senator Havriso Looruya (Yir Tangee) who was censured for having Separatist ties.

Speaker of the Senate Mas Amedda announced the appointment this morning, provoking cries of protests from numerous Senators. Farr himself was not in session today, instead attending funeral services for his brother and sister-in-law who died in a tragic housefire on Rodia earlier in the week.

“There are many loyal Senators confused as can be about this appointment,” said rotunda analyst Dassid Whateel on the morning talk-show Amberdawn, “but you have to realize, regardless of his bluster and Palpatine-bashing, Farr is the perfect image of a loyalist. He hates the Separatists. He loves the Republic. And he’s willing to do anything to preserve it.”

Farr made headlines last week when he exposed Separatist elements in the very heart of the Republic, and produced evidence that Senator Looruya of the Loyalist Committee was in fact a Separatist sympathizer and supporter. Farr’s research, provided to the Senate Bureau of Intelligence, has produced another 12 arrests in the wake of that political bombshell, and the SBI is continues its investigations.

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