Friday, June 21, 2024
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IBC Denies Arming Separatists

PHELAR, ERIADU – A detained bulk freighter destined for the Separatist world of Praesitlyn was found to contain a gross of InterGalactic Banking Clan hailfire droids, revealed Eriadu customs agents.

“The independent starship Tandleroff’s Trove was passing through Phelar port for Sluissi space when it was flagged by the attentive eyes of Eriadu Customs and Immigration. Those agents detained the vessel, and a search revealed 144 of the droids packaged amidst ag-equipment,” said Eriadu’s Minster of Security, Brigadier Gideon Tarkin.

Hailfire droids are a model of hoop-wheeled combat automata used exclusively by the Banking Clan’s Collections and Securities division. IBC spokesbeings are denying any involvement or knowledge of the intercepted shipment.

“Our transports and commodities are no more immune to piracy than anyone else’s,” said Communications Officer Lo Vapeet. “What now rests in an Eriadu holding bay are stolen materials that we can finally account for in our ledgers. To imply that this finding is indicative of some sort of partisanship with the Separatists is folly and akin to suspecting a blaster manufacturer as being complicit in a corner-store robbery.”

The crew of the Tandleroff’s Trove are currently detained in a Phelar processing center and are undergoing questioning. The Republic’s Judiciary Department is expected to take over the investigation.

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