Species: Reek


Hide: 2D
Search: 2D+1


Special Abilities:
Enraged: When enraged, a reek gains +1D to all Perception rolls made to determine initiative.
Gore Attack: Can gore with its horn for STR+1D damage.
Thick Skin: Due to a reek’s thick hide, it gains a +2D bonus to Strength rolls when resisting physical damage, and +1D bonus to Strength rolls when resisting energy damage.

Move: 10
Size: 6 meters long (huge)

Background: Large, muscular quadrupeds native to the planet Ylesia and the Codian Moon. They were powerful and territorial mammals with a single central horn atop their head and a cheek horn on either side. They lived on grass plains and turf and had powerful hind limbs for charging.

Though naturally herbivores, a starved reek could become a ravenous meat-eater and change its skin color to a deep red, while on other worlds they could be brown, gray, or sometimes yellow. Those bred in the Petranaki Arena were purposely fed meat in order to increase their overall aggression,[9] and were equipped with nose rings to be used by handlers. Their sprawling posture and immense weight made them relatively slow-moving. They sported two large cheek horns that could be used for head-locking in combat with another reek as a show of dominance.

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