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Andor Midseason & Tales of the Jedi

As of writing we are halfway through October 2022 and Andor Episode 6 The Eye has been released. Things are going well for Star Wars fans as we are entering into a time of a lot of new content. As always we will work on publishing everything for the Star Wars Roleplaying game that we spot in the series. That has been the purpose of this site, getting the latest content to you for your campaign and developing content from previous series that never saw an opportunity to be developed into the Roleplaying game fully.

As for Andor, it has presented challenges for us wanting to create content for you. This isn’t a bad thing as it means far more developed and fleshed out characters. Now that we are halfway through the season we have a good idea on most of the characters, though there are still more to build out. Keep an eye out for those characters to appear. I do expect updates as we progress in the series. As for impressions, I love it. Andor feels like the campaigns we used to run in the 90s. Smaller scale Star Wars is very interesting and Rogue One followed the same idea. We don’t want to always follow the power players in the universe, sometimes we need to see a character like Cassian Andor and how he came to give his life for the Rebellion. As we head into the last six episodes of season one of two I can’t wait to see what we will experience.

Coming up next week is Tales of the Jedi. Largely these are characters we have seen before, mostly from The Clone Wars series. I believe we will get all six short episodes all at once. Our plan is to develop the series after Andor ends with an episode released each Wednesday. The last episode of Tales of the Jedi will be released on Sunday January 8, 2023 with The Bad Batch Season 2 taking over the Wednesday release date beginning January 11, 2023. That week timeframe allows us to make sure we didn’t miss anything and matches the release date does for their episode reviews. We should have a lot of Star Wars content for months to come. Between The Clone Wars releases every Friday and Andor, Tales of the Jedi, and The Bad Batch, we will be plenty busy for the next six months. If you do have a request to have something developed you can still do that through the SWRPGGM comments, Twitter, Facebook, or on the Discord. I usually can knock those out quickly so just hit me up.

As for the aforementioned The Clone Wars Source Guide, we are cooking through Season 3 and close to starting Season 4. We spend quite a lot of time developing the stats for the the series so we hope you all are making good use of the thousands of pages of content we have added. For those asking about a PDF copy, that is in development but we want to complete the series first. Then we will have everything in once place to utilize to publish the PDF here and on various websites. Those who want to make use of our stats in your own publications you only need to provide a source link to with PT White and Emperor Ollie in your credits.

Lastly, we have been publishing our take on Nightsister Magick Spells in The Force Powers Source Guide. I don’t believe anyone has attempted to figure out a means to release them for Star Wars The Roleplaying Game previously so it has been an experience. They work in tandem with Jedi and Sith Powers but have their own school of teaching and requirements before a user can use them. They are designed for Nightsister Witches and not for Jedi or Sith who would learn similar powers through their force training.

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