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Name: Nabat
Planet: Ryloth
Starport Type: Shuttle Port Only
Traffic: Light
Control: None
Docking Areas: None
Docking Fee: None
Customs: None
Law Enforcement: Light
Services: Foodstuff, trading, Repulsorlift Repair
Population: 300
Points of Interest: Numa’s childhood home

Background: During the Clone Wars, Nabat was conquered and occupied by the Confederacy’s Droid Army under TX-20. There, TX-20 set up a battery of five J-1 proton cannons in the main square.

When the Republic attacked, Emir Tambor ordered TX-20 not to allow them to land on the surface. Anticipating this, TX-20 rounded up all of Nabat’s survivors, except Numa, and used them as a living shield. However, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Ghost Company defeated TX-20 and his forces. The Republic was then able to land their transport ships under Jedi General Mace Windu at the city and finish liberating Ryloth.

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