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Name: Magaloof
Type: Criminal
Species: Almak
Homeworld: Coruscant
Gender: Male
Born: —
Died: —
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 1.4m
Weight: —
Skin: Orange

Blaster: 3D
Blaster Artillery: 3D
Dodge: 3D
Grenade: 2D+1
Vehicle Blasters: 2D+2

Survival: 2D+1

Repulsorlift Operation: 2D+1


Brawling: 3D


Special Abilities:
Four Eyes: Leffingites have four eyes, and therefore a wider range of vision than humans, this makes them more observant and gives them a bonus +1D to search.

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 8
Move: 10

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (3D+2)

Background: Magaloof was a criminal Leffingite male from Almak who worked as a speeder thief on the planet Coruscant. In 22 BBY, he was joyriding in a stolen speeder past the Bonadan Embassy when he narrowly avoided colliding with Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was hanging from the assassin droid ASN-121 as it flew through the busy skylanes of Coruscant. The sight caused the Leffingite to exclaim in confusion as although he had seen a lot since coming to Coruscant, a Jedi dangling from a droid kilometers above the ground was new even to him.

Magaloof was later mentioned in an artist’s journal, which was restored, expanded, and displayed at the Graf Archive by 34 ABY. The Leffingite had blue eyes and orange skin, and stood 1.4 meters tall. He wore a red shirt with a white collar during his joyride.

Appearance: Attack of the Clone

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